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My love affair with wedding photography began with the discovery of my own parents’ wedding album when I was a fledgeling fashion photographer working in Hollywood. I had flipped through it as a child, but had been too young to fully appreciate it until I paged through it as an adult. I was blown away.

Unlike most couples getting married in the 1970's who ended up with a handful of stiff posed photographs, my parents hired a newspaper photojournalist to document the wedding, and the result is an amazing collection of totally documentary black & white images that capture my parents exactly as they were: Young, fun, a little wild, and a little poor, but incredibly happy and ridiculously in love.

These images are a priceless gift that my sisters and I will cherish forever. And from looking at the expressions on my parents’ faces as they flipped through the album again for the first time in a few years, I know that they will too. I want every couple, and every daughter to have what I have – a beautiful and timeless record of an amazing time in their lives that they can look back on decades later with as much joy as my parents and I do.

Although my background is in fashion, my heart is in weddings. With fashion photography, a lot of time and effort goes into making models looks as aloof and unapproachable as possible. With weddings, I get to focus on capturing something real and human, on getting to know people, and on telling an important story about their lives.

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