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Grace Havlak is a San Francisco based documentary, photojournalistic wedding photographer.

An Honors Graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she has worked everywhere from the Alexander McQueen design house in London to the MTV Wardrobe Department in New York City to film sets in Hollywood, before finally settling down in San Francisco to pursue wedding photography full time. As the daughter of a photographer, she had a Hasselblad in her hands long before she learned to drive, and fight it as she might, photography was in her blood and she just couldn't escape it. She has photographed happy couples everywhere from New York to New Delhi and countless places in between.

When she is not behind the camera (which, frankly, is her favorite place to be), she keeps busy sewing, baking, vintage shopping, thrift-storing, reading 19th century Russian novels, and spending more time on planes than she does asleep. She lives and works out of a charming old 1886 Victorian house with her collection of vintage wedding dresses overflowing from her closets, and her adorably naughty cat named Sebastian who ironically has developed a taste for snacking on tulle and lace.