Grace Havlak is a San Francisco-based fashion, music, and event photographer.

A 2007 BFA graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she began her career as a fashion designer before falling in love with photography, which she has been actively pursuing ever since. She has lived everywhere from New York to London to Los Angeles, and worked at places ranging from the Alexander McQueen design house to the MTV Wardrobe department.

Although her background in fashion is probably the biggest influence on her work, she also brings to it a passion for lighting, a sense of humor and a stubborn determination to capture the chaos and abandon at the heart of the party. If there is anything that can be said about her with certainty, it is that she has never been the kind of girl who let caution interfere with anything that might make a good story later – or a great photo. Her mother says it makes her worry. Her friends say that’s what makes her fun. Either way, it keeps life interesting.

She currently flits back and forth between Hollywood and San Francisco, where she lives in a charming old 1886 Victorian building overflowing with the vintage wedding dresses she has been collecting since she was a teenager. When she isn’t behind the camera (which, frankly, is her favorite place to be) she keeps busy sewing, playing dress up, collecting stories, and spending more time on planes than she does asleep.